Gareth’s Seal

Butterflies - just hanging around

Butterflies – just hanging around

Meerkats - their behind you!

Meerkats – their behind you!

With Mama away for the weekend at her friend and colleague’s wedding Gareth and I decided to put our annual zoo memberships to good use. Today we spent several (in this case five) enjoyable hours in Bristol Zoo looking at pretty much every animal they had to offer.

Gibbon - oh sit down next to me

Gibbon – oh sit down next to me

Otter eating lunch

Otter eating lunch











We learnt a few interesting facts like Otters eat rats, some butterflies live for as long as four weeks and hippo’s like to walk around in circles.

Gareth loves the zoo he adores the animals and literally cannot get enough of them. He was so excited to see that the baby crocodiles we saw lat time have grown and the there are two adult crocodiles in the reptile house. He thought that the sleeping Red Panda’s where very cute and enjoyed watching the Lemurs being feed.  Of course the Meerkats got a visit and he was thrilled to see a butterfly land on me for a moment in the butterfly tent.

We had a lovely cake and a drink in the cafe before looking at all of the dinosaurs that Bristol Zoo are currently installing for another Dino-zoo exhibit. Before handing over to the Penguins via the Monkey walk way where we saw a Bride feeding the Lemur’s as part of her hen party!!

We watched a boy feeding fish to the Penguins as part of a zoo experience and headed into the seal’s area as the birds that live with the Penguins started to flap about a lot. The seal’s weren’t putting on their usual show but they were doing a lot of swimming – yes more then usual – so we went down to the tunnel to watch them.

This is were the real point of my story begins. My big brother saw a seal about to swim over the tunnel and took a snap shoot of it. Click. Easy. One and done. A beautiful photo of a seal silhouetted against the light above it.

Gareth's seal photograph

Gareth’s seal photograph

Perhaps a little annoyed that I had missed the opportunity at such a glorious photograph I tried again and again to get a similar but equally as good picture. And try in did we stood there me taking photographs – Gareth enjoying the seal’s playful swimming for forty, forty five, fifty minutes an hour who knows!!

My final attempt!

My final attempt!

Eighty, yes count ‘em eighty photographs later I managed to get a photo which in my opinion isn’t as good as Gareth’s picture. To spite him telling me over and over that his was a fluke I’m still annoyed that I missed out of the first photo!!

Having walked around the zoo until I was incredibly sleepy – Gareth wasn’t he could have stayed there all day, all year even – we went to the gift shop. Where I brought a cuddly Penguin for the Brownies’ Penguin party this week. Then we headed home for an evening involving Domino’s pizza and a couple of DVD’s. We had a great day as we managed to miss all of the rain thanks to me wanting a seal photo so badly. Below there’s a little gallery of other failed attempts… I’d say enjoy but only half heartedly!