Welcome to my bloggy type site. Where I will basically waffle on about a load of rubbish… enjoy!!!

Well to start us off I’ll tell you a little about me…

My name is Carys but my Mama calls me CaryAnne. I live in Weston – Super – Mare with my Mama and big brother Gareth. My Mama is originally from South Wales and has an addiction to tea – the drink not the evening meal, she doesn’t really like eating as a result she’s quite skinny unlike me who’s backside currently has its own gravitational pull (but I’m trying to lose weight kinda hard because I really like eating). My big brother Gareth is obsessed with Japanese culture and Games workshop he also loves bugs, animals, film, literature and superhero graphic novels. My Dad lives in Winscombe and put up this site for me.

Me, I like photography and studied it at University, the cinema and film, my Grampi, Nanny and Nana Jean taught me a lot about baking and I still love to do it, reading I don’t have a favourite type of book I’ll read pretty much anything, writing stories or to my pen pal in the USA and walking either with my dog Toppy or with my Mama and brother.

I love volunteering currently I volunteer for Girl Guiding UK and the National Autistic Society as well as fund raising for many other charities. I really believe that doing something for someone else is the greatest thing that you can do. Guiding is my passion I am currently helping at three units Rainbows, Brownies and Rangers. In the past I have helped at a Guide unit and hope to go back to that one day. The National Autistic Society helps people and families effected by Autism and is a fantastic cause. It makes me proud to think that just little kindness and patience can make a difference in someone’s life. My efforts with volunteering earned me a place as one of London 2012′s Torch Bearer in the Torch relay it was quite simply the best day of my life… apologises to any future husbands but not even a wedding day is going to top that!!!

I guess that’s pretty much it… Call handler by day, Guider by night!!