Mothers’ Day

Mothers day today the only day of the year that every Mother in the world kind of gets off… a bit like Santa in versus seeing as he only works one day a year. This was the first Mothers day since Nanny passed away and a few weeks ago Mama told me that she thought it was sad that she would never have to buy a Mothers day card again. So Gareth and I tired to make it a nice day for her.

Mama opening one of my presents.

Mama opening one of my presents.

I brought Mama a teddy bear, a book called the life of Pi and a frame for a picture that Mama brought from our friend Shu in aid of a charity called Livestrong. Gareth brought her a box of chocolates and a film. The three of us went to Wales and visited Nanny and Grampi we put some flowers on their grave before taking some to my cousin Richard’s grave too. We had a cake and a drink in the cafe at Waitrose – Mama joked that Gareth and I took her to all the classy places on Mothers day. To which I responded that we could have taken her to Asda!!!!

On the way home I remembered one Mothers day where I had spent around three weeks before hand trying to grow a plant in my wardrobe so that she wouldn’t find it. Mama is a keen gardener and really wanted – I think it was a Canna lily but Mama thinks it was something else – Canna lily for the garden. I’d somehow gone out and brought a bulb (because I couldn’t afford the actual plant) and a pot. I was in secondary school when I did this so I’m not sure how I’d managed to get the pot and bulb seeing how Mama usually drove me everywhere. Anyway one day I slipped quietly out to the old tack room at the bottom of the garden which Mama used as a potting shed and planted the bulb in some borrowed soil upon one of her broken pots for drainage. Then I took it back to my room where I hide it in my wardrobe I provided it with an artificial light source by hanging a torch from the rail and leaving it on for most of the day. On days that I knew she was working I’d place the pot in the middle of my bedroom floor and open my curtains wide so it could have some natural light. I’d take it into the bathroom when I was having a bath and stand it in the sink so that it could get some water. After weeks of naturing the poor thing with artificial light and the odd half hour in the sink I wrapped it up – yes stupid I know and I can’t remember who I managed it – and presented it too her. I don’t really remember her reaction but I do remember the effort I put into bringing it to something resembling life!!

Anyway back to today when we got home Mama and I watched a few episodes of Don’t tell the Bride before I made dinner – fish with sauted potatoes and veg followed by New York style cheesecake and ice cream – with a little help from Gareth and we all watched Skyfall. As I type this Mama is sleeping off a nice meal and Gareth is washing up while listening to some music which to put it nicely is not my cup of tea. I think that Mama had a nice day in the end.